Why are your portraits so expensive? 
There are a few reasons why my portrait sessions cost what they do:
1. Because the way I work with clients is unlike people charging $100 per session. I don't put my clients through an assembly line of any sort. My clients are all unique, and the individuals in their families are unique, and I want to take the time it deserves to create images that inspire and tell a story, and aren't the same images that I shot for the last client. It's really important to me that I approach each session with a fresh perspective, and I believe there's a lot of value in that. 
2. Because I don't force you to buy prints from me. Many photographers make their money off selling prints of their subjects, and that's why they charge a much lower session fee. While there is nothing wrong with that model, that's not how I operate. I do encourage my clients to purchase their prints through me because the quality will be far better than if they went to Costco, but ultimately it's up to them. 
3. Because quality portraits are an investment, and you get what you pay for. With today's technology, it's likely that your neighbor across the street has a decent camera and knows how to push the button, and will do it for free. The truth is though, I've seen people with tens of thousands of dollars worth of gear take some pretty boring pictures. You really do get what you pay for, and if you want high-end fine art portraits, you have to be willing to make the investment. 


Do I get to print my own photos where I like? 
Yes! Feel free to get your photos printed wherever you like. However, if you purchase your prints through me they will be printed at a professional lab. Costco is not a professional printing lab. Neither is CVS, or Rite Aid, or Target. You wouldn't serve a $100 bottle of wine in paper cups, would you? If you've hired me, you've invested a lot in your portraits, and I recommend not stopping short on the prints. 

I've seen some really cool pictures on the internet that other people have done. Can I request you to do a certain picture? 
I encourage anything that helps me get to know my clients and their style, and sometimes that means sending me pictures they found on Pinterest. However, as an artist I am not comfortable copying someone else's work.